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Readings & Links 5-8-09

Analytics: Understanding Where they’re coming from
Google Analytics
Beginning Analytics video
Analytics basics
The Death of the Page View
Google Analytics for WordPress Plug-in

Make Modest Money: Simple ad programs
Google Adsense
iTunes Affiliates
Amazon Associates


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Lecture Links and Additional Readings 4-17-09

Examples of web video storytelling: a new medium for journalism
Vigil for teen crash victim
More than a mailman
The Boda Boda Motorbikes of Kenya
World Pillow Fight Day
Flick’s Mobile Home Park
Sonnenzimmer portrait (by yours truly)

Finding your audience and your stride case study: Wine Library TV
Wine Library TV: episode one
Wine Library TV: episode 587 (he’s almost 100 episodes up on this one now)

Additional references
Mindy McAdam’s excellent pointers on making good web videos
iMovie Tutorials These are specific to iMovie 6, but they’re an excellent primer for basic editing, produced by colleagues in the journalism department here.
Mastering Multimedia a great blog written by a video journalist for the Spokesman Review.
Multimedia shooter a site with tons of references to great multimedia journalism and tons of tech.

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lecture links and additional reading 3-10-09

Our Project
The drop for our Olympic Bid reaction assignment

The Mobile Web
Mobile Data: the next hurdle for journalism
The Mobile Web reaches a critical mass
Last year, cell phone users texted more than they called
Japan’s cell novels
The iPhone gold rush

The Geo-Locational Web
Ushahidi an amazing example of the use of both mobile devices and geo-locational reporting coming out of Kenya.
Everyblock: The gold standard for geolocational journalism
Italy’s earthquake mapped
More earthquake mapping
Going to far? Prop 8 maps
Penguin books maps a novel
Google’s simple-to-follow instructions for creating basic maps.
Strategies for using Google Maps, from the simple to the easy to the very complex.

Also: Reuter’s MoJo (mobile journalism) initiative

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Readings 2-13-09

These readings have a direct impact on your site ideas that you’re pitching next week. Be sure to read them through before finalizing your site idea, and give yourself time to let them sink in & influence

All these readings come from the book Getting Real, by Chicago web developers 37signals. While the book is explicitly written for developing a web application, most of the ideas are applicable to any kind of web-based product, including sites like yours. The whole thing is worth reading (and free online), but here are some excerpts that will help to guide this last leg of your idea:

What’s the Big Idea?
Hire the Right Customers
Make Opinionated Software
Start with No

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HTML & CSS reference

The best reference site that I’ve found to help you with grasping both basic and advanced HTML and CSS is a site called HTML Dog.

It not only includes a number of very good tutorials for people working at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, it also includes a complete reference for both HTML tags and CSS properties, complete with examples of use.

Bookmark it, and use it regularly. The best way to learn this stuff is to simply try it out.

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Readings for 2-6-09

Here are a few readings to help you think about how a site that engages a community can work:
The three primary roles your local website should play
Location is your brand: Don’t hide it
Craigslist’s Craig Newark talks about building online communities

And a new readings that expand on the talk today: that the future is brighter than it may seem
“There’s no more inspiring time to be a journalist”
Why I Blog
The New Metros
New local sites emerge as watchdogs

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