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Multimedia Journalism examples here please!

Please post your links to great multimedia journalism here.

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  1. Brian says:,0,6615505.photogallery

    The Tribune uses photos to tell the story for them. They always say a picture is worth a 1000 words. There are over 91 photos for different stories in the news.

  2. Brian says:

    Instead of just writing an interview between Ryan Dempster and MLB, they used video to do the interview and they showed highlights from his season last year during the interview as well.

  3. Rachel Stapinski says:
    This website features several shows that are produced like documentaries and ranges in topics from politics in foreign countries to who Spike Jones hangs with on Saturdays.

  4. Rachel Stapinski says:
    Loose Change is a documentary that utilizes charts, maps, time lines, animations, still images, news footage and interviews to make a compelling argument against the government’s account of 911.

  5. Sara Harvey says:

    Our First Loves is the multimedia brainchild of students in an interactive design class at Medill. Like our class, they had to pitch ideas for a project that would “identify a cause or class of untold stories and then find a way to fill that void.” They refined until they came up with the story of a person’s first love (something we can all relate to). If you’re so inclined, you can even submit one of your own.

  6. Kaylee King says:

    The NYT Video page rocks! They always have interesting features and side alley stories that aren’t mainstream. It’s a great resource to find news that doesn’t make the front page.

  7. Kaylee King says:

    I’m a little obsessed (probably unhealthy) with the radio and I’ve recently gotten into finding new great radio stations that stream online.

    I used to stick my usual BBC Radio 1

    But within the last three months or so, I’ve found some really great stations that I’d like to share for multimedia links.

    Hailing from my neighboring home-state. MN public radio’s, The Current is an awesome indie/alternative station out of Minneapolis.

    Representing Chicago is 9WXRT. They play a ton of great music, old and new. But most of it is off the reg. radio waves.

    And finally, my newest obsession, QRadio. It comes from the impressive QMagazine out of the UK — also my favorite mag, ever! Now they have a radio station and it’s amazing. Covers a ton of British rock and all around great music.

  8. andyhannon says:

    I think my current addiction is GDGT. It is a podcast from Ryan Block and Peter Rojas, two giants in today’s tech journalism scene, and it focuses primarily on gadgets and other consumer electronics.
    It can be found here

  9. Sara Harvey says:

    “Utilizing animation, audio, video and the power of still photography, we publish diverse narratives that speak to the heart of the human condition.” This site, like the other one I posted up, aims to tell stories. It has a newsletter, a blog and a podcast so you can keep in touch with the new stories when they’re posted.

  10. Nikki Way says:

    I don’t keep tabs on a ton of video or photography news sites, but Time has a really great “photos of the week” section that is worth a browse:

  11. Zach Wilmes says:

    I think is a phenomenal site for cutting edge new media reporting. I was first introduced to it last spring while taking an international reporting class and still check it out from time to time.

  12. Zach Wilmes says:

    Another site that has done a great job with multimedia is Given that they employ some of the best reporters and photographers in the world I suppose it was only a matter of time before they began showcasing that content on the web.

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