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your work for next week

Your teams have been assembled. Now you need to get together and start making plans on how to move forward. You have a very important document due next week, an audience & editorial plan for your site. This plan needs to include the following and must be signed by every member of your team:

  1. A detailed description of your site. It is OK, at this stage, if the site idea has changed from the initial pitch, either subtly or dramatically. This should lead with a clear one-sentence description, and then build with a paragraph explaining the site & idea in more detail.
  2. Interviews with three actual members of the audience/community you’re targeting (new folks, not the same faces), about the space your site is operating in, not the site itself.
  3. Informed by these interviews, a discussion of the types of stories you would like to do and at least ten specific story ideas.
  4. A plan for the integration of tools and media beyond simple text/blogging.
  5. A basic plan for marketing your site: How will people find out about it? How do you connect with the communities that are already out there?
  6. An overall plan for the equal distribution of labor: How will you share the reporting work? The data entry? The coding? The images/video/audio? The marketing?

Please post your reports here, but also bring in a hard copy that–everybody now–has been signed by every member of your group

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    Find Yourself: Chicago is a website devoted to student organization news and involvement at Columbia College Chicago. Our site will contain video of events and meetings, features on specific student groups and people, and a listing of upcoming student organization events. Since there are so many groups, we would break them up into categories: student government, Columbia sports, media, ethnic relations, and arts––this allows us to keep our site organized and easy to navigate. Each group will be listed on our site with a short description.

    Cristina Aguirre, Junior, Journalism major, 219-398-7969
    Vice President of the Hispanic Journalists of Columbia
    -She said the group does not do much to promote their events
    -The last big event they had was a panel discussion with feature journalists from the Chicago Spanish media
    -They put up flyers around the school but not many people came
    -She said it has been really hard for them to promote their events and fundraisers because flyers do not do much
    -They have started sending out emails and that has worked pretty well
    -Likes the site idea and thinks it would like us to help the group promote themselves

    Aldo Guzman, director of the Office of Student Engagement
    Interview in person on 2/24/09. 312.369.6791.

    We had a good discussion about building the website and he said he would be happy to assist in anyway he can. However, he cautioned that many of the student orgs are unresponsive and haven’t expressed much interest in reaching out to people which might make things difficult. He offered to put us in contact with student orgs. leaders who would be interested in what we’re doing but told me not to get discouraged when some groups don’t respond.

    Also, Guzman recommended we get in touch with Matt Greene who’s in charge of student communication. They’ve been talking about doing something very similar to what we’re doing which is good and bad. It’s bad that we would be directly competing with an idea that hasn’t yet been implemented, but good in the sense that we will have a lot of support and access to info and resources if we try to work with them.

    Laura Matovina, Broadcast Journalism Major, Junior
    219-794-4372, In-person on Thursday, February 26

    Laura is an extremely active member of her department, with a lot of experience behind the camera. In high school, Laura played a lot of sports and was in a lot of groups, but since she has come to Columbia, she hasn’t joined anything due to the fact that she has no idea what’s going on in the school.

    She noted that she believes the Columbia College Student Organizations webpage is useless, and would like to see a more interactive website that might utilize things like facebook, twitter, or other new social mediums to spread the word about groups or events on campus so she can access them on her phone or see them while on-the-go.

    One of the most interesting parts of the interview was when she described a disconnect between the different departments and students here at Columbia, and noted that if there were better ways to distribute events, that maybe that would encourage further interaction between the majors.

    10 SPECIFIC STORY IDEAS: We would like to write features on specific groups and events; write news coverage of student org. events and issues within the student org. community; sports coverage of Columbia teams.

    Coverage of Student Organization Council Meeting on March 7.
    Investigative piece on how the school doesn’t offer funding for activities and that’s why there’s not a lot of interest.
    Cover Amnesty International meeting Friday at 3:30 in the HUB of 1104 S. Wabash Building
    Asian Student Org. meeting THURSDAYS @ 6:30-8pm 916 S. Wabash – 4th Floor – “The Loft”
    Profile on ACLU student org. president Miles Vance
    The fiction writing board – we could cover one of the fiction writers at lunch events – they have them like once a week
    Latino alliance 20th anniversary meeting in the Underground Cafe every Wednesday from 5-6 pm
    ReachOut is having an up-all-night event on Friday March 13th from 9pm to 9am! This is a campus wide event so please brings friends and even family if they are in town. The event will be held at 731 S Plymouth Court on the main floor.
    Coverage of the Student Programming Board “Big Mouth” auditions throughout March.
    A feature on the Columbia Renegades, how the name and the group started and what it means to be club teams.

    Post videos and photos of events and meetings, Twitter feed to student org. events

    We want to put a link on oasis or the Columbia website, an advertisement in the Chronicle; Send links to all our facebook friends; post the link to our blogs, etc.

    We all plan to work on the reporting aspect of the site and incorporate the audio and visual side of that as well. We’ll try to have two people go to events so one can focus on the reporting and the other can work with the audio/visual aspect. Zach will head up the marketing, Mandy and Jon will do the data entry, and Erik and Rosette will handle the coding.

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