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your links: new journalism

Please link up (and introduce) at least one site that you think does a great job of presenting journalism online.

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  1. Kaylee says:

    I like Slashdot. It covers a broad span of different types of news and you can comment and ask Sloshdot questions.

  2. Jonathan Nelson says:

    This site is really cool. You can see the front page of tons of daily newspapers and then pick the ones you would want to flip through and read.

  3. John Lendman says:

    I know this is a bit obvious, but when I want to be briefed on the happenings in the city I usually go straight to, and click on the Metro and News Briefs links under the City Room section. Everything here is so succinct, to the point and packaged neatly with an accompanying photo or audio interview.

    The site is also streamlined and simple enough to navigate, which is something I think many news sites can’t seem to find the value in. The left panel also offers AP national wire stories as well as AP local wire stories separated and cleanly presented.

  4. Mandy Treccia says:

    I like RealClearPolitics. The site has political headlines and links to various news sources to get information. In addition to politics, there are also links to business and sports stories.

  5. visient says:
    This site is a great example of comunity-funded journalism. Journalists pitch stories and interested parties can help fund them, provide tips and create discussion around the topic.
    Unfortunately this is only for the Bay Area as of right now.

  6. Nicole Way says:

    The post was mine… didn’t realize I was logged into my company’s WP account

  7. Nicole Way says:

    Ok maybe my last post didn’t show up, but I think that is fantastic for free lance journalists. Community-funded journalism is going to be a part of the future.

  8. Zach Wilmes says:

    One of my favorite websites to browse the news is since it compiles stories from around the world that people can comment on. It also keeps a running tally of how many views each story gets. Posts get a tag and an alternate title to entice the reader or give him/her a sense of the content. However, the site doesn’t employ it’s own journalists.

    For a good example of original online journalism I like the BBC’s news page, It incorporates audio and video clips into nearly every story and also has a live broadcast 24hrs a day.

  9. Michael Purgatorio says:

    Although I do not use this website as my main source of local news, I really enjoy sifting through In the past, I have found very enlightening articles. I also like the idea that it shares a strong connection with Columbia faculty and students.

  10. Sara Harvey says:

    The Gawker Media Network includes 10 sites that cater to specific news interests. I think news is becoming more and more specialized, and these sites illustrate that. What I like best about these sites is their smart/snarky/witty tone. = sports news = L.A. gossip news = “All The News is Fit to Print” = gadget news = scifi/fantasy news = car news = news for sassy women = news for gamers = tips and downloads = Silicon Valley news

  11. Jon DePaolis says:

    This one is a bit obvious, as most faculty members have been pushing this site on us since we all got here, but I think it is also one of the best websites that can help young and old journalists alike in the ever-changing field of journalism. Recently, an article was posted questioning the use of twitter in a Governor’s speech.

    The site also lists job openings, as well as has seminars on different topics in the journalism world. It also has sections for students to learn more, and even a spot where students can send questions or interview requests to Professors from around the country.

  12. Brian Livingston says:

    I found a site that seems heavy on political news. Looks like a good site with a number of decent articles.

  13. Rachel Stapinski says:

    I think this website is interesting because it allows anyone in Chicagoland to post audio news content.

  14. Jon DePaolis says:

    As a native of the south suburbs of Chicago, much of the local news going on in the DC area doesn’t grab me, but the Post presents national news online better than the Tribune or the Sun-Times, in my opinion. I think their columnists and reporters are intelligent and express the news in a clear and concise way, as well as offer many interesting online additions to stories (video/audio clips, links to related items in the story, and graphics that explain the story better).

  15. Mandy Treccia says:

    This is a great site. It links the viewer to newspapers all over the world. There are searchable archives and links to news websites as well.

  16. Brian Livingston says:

    Here’s a good site that covers a wide variety of news from technology to business.

  17. Kaylee says:

    Sounds obvious, but is where it’s at.

    Seriously, there are a lot of people that look to CNN for their news and their website does a good job of listing what viewers want to read and does it in an easy-to-use fashion.

  18. Zach Wilmes says:

    Everyone living in Chicago should check out

    It’s a great example of new media journalism that is focused on a specific niche and fills it perfectly.

  19. Nicki Walliser says:

    I found this website the other day. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s basically a video search engine, kind of like UTube but more news based.


  20. Kristina Wells says:

    I think this is new journalism: Mark Derosa, formerly of the Chicago Cubs, had a blog. Everyone thinks he wrote it, while in fact he called the Cubs’ beat reporter Carrie Muskat on a regular basis, told her what he wanted to say, and she actually typed the blog. This gives the readers the idea that Derosa wrote it while Muskat is the silent journalist because readers want to hear something first person, not told from another point of view.

  21. Nicole Way says:

    The site has customizable homepages, so you can easily get the content you are interested in quickly.

  22. Brian Livingston says:

    Good site, it reminds me of the freedom museum here in Chicago.

  23. Rachel Stapinski says: is a great website for all political news.

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